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Punch Up Your Fitness Journey


When you hear the word “boxing”, the first thing that crosses your mind is the undefeatable boxer Floyd Mayweather or the champion Mike Tyson fighting in a ring, throwing uppercuts, and taking hooks! But who said that you can’t enjoy this combat sport and vent your wrath without dealing with a broken nose or dark bruises? Here is why you have to join our “Boxing Classes” now more than ever.


What is fitness boxing?

If you ever feel that you are getting bored from running on a treadmill or riding an elliptical, it is high time you enlivened your cardio workout routine with some boxing classes at PowerHouse Gym.

A Boxing class at Powerhouse Gym is a 50-minute cardiovascular workout that entails punching a punching bag, in a dimly-lit room, with your fellow boxers and an adept instructor leading the way. Besides being an excellent cardiovascular exercise, boxing works wonders on your strength, aerobic levels, physical fitness, and cognitive skills.


Why should you join our boxing class?

In case you are wondering why many celebrities and models nowadays are joining a boxing class, wonder no more! The benefits of boxing are endless, and below are 8 quirks that make boxing a one-of-a-kind exercise.


  1. It is perfect for your heart

Boxing is a high-intensity workout that decreases the risk of heart disease. In fact, boxing exercises require excessive bouts of activity that leave your heart pumping and your lungs working harder every time you put your boxing gloves on!


  1. Promotes hand-eye coordination

Since boxing requires focused movements and multiple motions at the same time, your visual-motor coordination will automatically become stronger the more you train.


  1. Improves balance

Studies have shown that boxing exercises have slowed the progression of Parkinson’s disease and improved the balance of patients as it requires focused and repetitive movements along with coordinated footwork.


  1. Boxing is a full-body workout

Boxing doesn’t only strengthen your arm as most people think, but also your core, back, hips, glutes, and legs. Why? Because you need your entire body to deliver a good blow. In fact, the power you need for a good punch will come from your lower body, and the stability will be needed from your core.


  1. Promotes weight loss

In case you want an effective and interesting way to put those stubborn fats away and replace them with well-defined muscles, join our boxing class! Boxing can help you burn up to 1000 calories per hour and improve your body composition.


  1. It is a mood booster

What is better than taking all your anger and stress out on the punching bag and in a healthy way whenever you feel like punching something…or someone! We can’t deny that all exercises trigger happy hormones and boost your mood. However, boxing, in particular, can help you free your mind from all the pent-up tension and stress.


  1. Provides a good night’s sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia and finding it difficult to enjoy a blissful sleep, give our boxing class a shot! This high-intensity workout can improve the quality of your sleep, and help you drift off faster, especially since your body will be too tired and your mind will be clear from all that was keeping you up at night.


  1. Boxing is a confidence enhancer

Boxing increases your overall strength, making you feel better about yourself. Moreover, it is considered a great confidence booster as you will learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones when danger strikes.


So, what are you waiting for? Put your boxing gloves on and join our boxing class!

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Spinning Class: It’s More than Just Spinning

Joining a new class can be nerve-racking sometimes, especially if this class happened to be in a dark room with blasting music and an exuberant instructor yelling instructions at the front of the class! Yes, a spinning class can be intimidating at first, but as soon as you hop on a bike, you will definitely be craving for more rides. Hence, here is everything you need to know before giving our spinning class a try!


What is a spin class?

You’ve probably wondered “why all the fuss about spinning classes when you can ride a bike outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery?”. In fact, a spinning class is more than riding a bike. It’s about the physical, mental, and emotional wellness that pervades you whenever your feet hit the pedals.

A spinning class, also known as indoor cycling, is a full-body workout that involves riding a stationary bike with a weighted flywheel along with your fellow cyclists. Here at PowerHouse Gym, we offer a one-hour class, in a dim room with color-changing lights and a lively instructor that will make sure to keep you motivated (and of course drenched in sweat!) throughout your classes. Hence, whether you are a newbie or an expert cyclist, our intermediate spinning class is for you!


Why does a spinning class tick all the boxes?

If you are a bystander and haven’t actually tried a spinning class, you might think that all these cyclists do is train their legs! But when you dive into the 6 benefits of spinning classes, you will have second thoughts.


1. It is more than a leg workout…

Word has it that spinning exercises can only strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, and lower legs! However, a spinning class is a full-body workout that can work magic on all your major muscle groups, including your core, back, and upper body.


2. Joints friendly

If you are an older adult, suffering from arthritis, recovering from injury, or simply want to take it easy on your joints, spinning is perfect for you! This low-impact exercise will strengthen your joints, improve your daily activity, and help you stay fit.


3. Healthy heart

Nothing can keep your heart healthy like spinning! This cardiovascular workout can decrease your fat mass, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve your blood flow, and increase your stamina. We told you, it’s worth a try!


4. Food for the brain

Spinning can be great for your mental health! When you start pedaling, you will free your mind from all that is troubling you and only focus on pushing yourself to the limits. Moreover, the dimly-lit room will help you find your inner strength and focus on your goal. 


5. Calorie burner…

Did you know that a one-hour spinning class can burn between 600-1000 calories?


6. Happy hormones!

In general, working out triggers adrenaline rush and endorphins, and spinning is no different! Actually, spinning at PowerHouse gym can be a great stress killer with all the motivation you will be receiving from your instructor and the energizing music. Your only concern will be to keep your legs pumping.


So, tell us now, are you going to put our spinning class at the top of your workout list?