The holiday season is over, and we know it is one of those “pinch me moments”. After all the holiday guilty pleasures, staying up too late, and putting your fitness routine on hold, it might seem daunting or even impossible to get back on track. But guess what? Here are 10 tips to help you bounce back into the gym after the holidays.

1. Take a break

Yes, you have to relax! Don’t let guilt trigger you to hit the gym immediately post-vacation! We know how tiring jet lags, delayed house chores, and work overload can be! That’s why it’s highly recommended to take a breather and get some sleep before returning to your workout routine.

2. Mark your “comeback” on the calendar

“I will go next week” won’t make things easier or help you hold yourself accountable. In fact, nothing is serious unless it is marked down on the calendar! Hence, schedule your workouts and notice how they will eventually become daily rituals again.

3. Determine your fitness goal

Nothing can motivate you to bounce back to your workout routine like setting realistic and achievable goals. Need a hand? Our personal trainers at PowerHouse gym will set a game plan for you!

4. Don’t be hard on yourself

Let’s face it! Don’t expect to continue where you left off, and this is totally normal; you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Take baby steps at first, start with low-impact workouts, and train for 30 minutes. When you are ready, you can gradually amp up your workout duration and intensity.

5. Never skip stretching  

Don’t underestimate the power of stretching post-holiday as it will help you avoid injury and boost your performance. Hence, remember to start and end your workout with 15 minutes of stretching.

6. Join new classes

If you don’t feel like hitting the gym post-holiday, try new classes for a change! Our spin and boxing classes at PowerHouse gym will help you get into the swing of your workout routine in no time!

7. Reminisce about the good old days

Don’t you miss how better you felt after every workout? The adrenaline rush and happy hormones? Remember the positive impact that working out had on your physical and mental health, and you will directly be tempted to put on your workout gear.

8. What about a gym buddy?

Now if you are still feeling demotivated, perhaps you need a gym buddy! Invite your best friend to join you and you will be looking forward to your comeback! If you have someone at the gym waiting for you, what is your excuse not to show up?

9. A personal trainer might do the trick

Hiring one of our personal trainers at PowerHouse gym can save you from all the hassle of your post-holiday workout. A personal trainer will increase your accountability, put you on the right track, give you extra motivation, and draw realistic fitness goals for you.

10. Your food habits count

Your holiday eating habits should end with the holiday season! If you want to maintain your fitness and start off your post-holiday workout on the right foot, add the proper nutrients to your meals.

Please let go of the guilt you have been carrying post-holidays! It’s good to unwind from time to time, but what’s more important is to realize when your exercise routine should be at the forefront once again!

Have we mentioned that we have missed you at PowerHouse gym, and we can’t wait for your post-holiday workout?