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PowerHouse Top Tips to Stay in Shape Amid COVID-19 Crisis

It is needless to say that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has affected everybody one way or another, and if we learned anything from this disastrous situation, we learned to improvise. Half the population of the earth is on lock-down and most facilities are shut including the fitness clubs. We know how hard it is for fitness fans to leave all those Precure machines gyms behind, but safety is first and foremost. Therefore, the Powerhouse gym, being the best fitness club in Qatar, is giving you the top tips to stay in shape amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Keep the Blood Pump Going

Staying at home 24/7 can unbelievably cause idleness, especially if you were working in distance and have to sit on your computer for hours and hours. Therefore, not making a physical effort really slows down your metabolism, and if you were not able to reach a fitness club in Qatar, we highly encourage to start home workouts. So, here are some best ideas for the best home workouts.

Order Resistance Bands

To be clear, resistance bands are no Precor machines gym, but they are highly underestimated. What people don’t know that a resistance band can reach up to 18kg (40 LBS), and you can join multiple resistance bands into one grip to increase the load. Actually, you can use resistance bands to train most of your body parts, if not all. So, your fitness club in Qatar can be temporarily replaced with a bunch of bands! You can wrap it around your back, lay down, and push the bands upwards to squeeze your pecs. Also, you can fix them on the top of the door or on the couch to squeeze your back. Shoulders workouts with resistance bands are countless where you can fix the band with your legs and hit the front, lateral, and rear deltoids. You can also train your traps by pulling the bands upwards. Other body parts such as arms and legs can be trained as well, the internet now is packed with resistance bands workouts, so you might want to check them out.

Advice: do a lot of repetitions (at least 15-20) in each exercise and set to replace the high-volume training you used to do and to increase the blood pump as well.

Anything Can Come in Handy

If you can’t reach a fitness club in Qatar nor do you have access to resistance bands, that is no excuse. People now use a variety of objects to train and stay active such as sofas, broomsticks, water tanks, etc. Who thought that you can train your hamstrings with a sofa by placing the end of your feet on the sofa’s bottom and push upwards? Change the position of your feet and you can train your quads! Bring a broomstick and place two bottle tanks at each end and you can squat, train shoulders, biceps. triceps, traps, and back. Again, that is no Precor machines gym, but it definitely helps you stay in shape during the quarantine. Search YouTube for a variety of best home workouts using objects.

Spinlock Dumbbells and Free Weights

The Coronavirus crisis really helped some industries, especially the fitness one. Many stores and online shops are being creative in offering a variety of cheap home equipment. Our highest recommendation can be the spinlock dumbbell and some free weight. The main advantage of the spinlock dumbbell is that you can add and reduce the weights however you want, and God imagine what can you with a pair of dumbbells! It is just like having your own fitness club in Qatar at home.

Stick to Your Diet

Most people think that since they are not making the same physical effort they used to do, they should eat less. No. Don’t do that. The sudden drop of your HEALTHY FOOD intake can affect your metabolism and slow it down. So, if you were on a diet, stick to it and do your best doing the best home workouts we talked about. Also, for people who were not dieting, quarantine is your chance to curb your appetite and start leading a healthy lifestyle and eating clean with Powerhouse top tips to stay in shape amid COVID-19 crisis