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Fitness Club in Qatar

‘No guts, no glory’, they are saying within the realm of body-building. ‘No pain, no gain’. And at Powerhouse  Fitness Club, from the signs on the walls – ‘Sweat Is Fat Crying’ – this motto reigns supreme. However, the newest stylish fitness facility to open its doors in Qatar is most over a lifter’s paradise. Taking a holistic approach to fitness, health, and wellness, it’s a place wherever the professionals will come back to hone their quads on leg-day, or bust out some cardio, while fitness newcomers can learn the ropes in an exceedingly friendly, supportive  atmosphere.

From customised personal coaching, to a comprehensive membership package, and wide array of group classes – as well as pay-as-you-go and ladies’ only choices, Powerhouse ticks all the boxes once it comes to providing one thing for everybody, at each fitness level

When it comes to exercise – or lack thence – more often than not the obstacles that prevent us from getting to the athletic facility exist most acutely in our minds. And once it comes to mind over matter, Powerhouse is here to help you get stared on your journey towards fitness – whether or not it’s a gentle nudge you need, or a full-on shove to induce you kick-started.

It’s mid-morning on a bright and balmy Saturday as we tend to head to the Powerhouse gym  grand opening and also the music is already pumping out on the plaza at doha. The workers greet us with smiles and provide to take us on a tour of the facilities. decked out in uplifting tones of orange and gray, and filled with floor-to-ceiling windows and natural light, this isn’t your average gymnasium. The area sprawls across a complete building block on the higher plaza at the way finish of doha, overlooking the water. There’s a separate space for ladies’, a grounds and out-of-door exercise plaza for outside classes, a kids’ zone with rock climbing wall, and a spacious, expansive mixed coaching space full of state-of-the art instrumentation, and personal studios wherever categories like spinning and Zumba are taught.

There’s even a refreshing healthy snack and juice bar and a lush outside restaurant seating with footstools carved and painted like elephants’ feet, and 2 steampunk-style sculptures of cheetahs designed  out of metal, cogs, and wheels, and poised to pounce. Animal strength could be a theme that runs throughout the facility. In fact, their brand could be a lion, and it doesn’t get additional powerful than the King of Beasts. His likeness is scattered throughout the area as if to mention ‘This could be a place wherever you’ll come back, give it all you’ve got, and are free to roar!’

Today the crowds are here to check out what’s on offer and the team have ready a showcase performance on the platform to show off what they’ve got. There’s BodyPump, Zumba, practical coaching, GritCardio, GritStrength, spinning and a lot of to register for as Powerhouse offers a comprehensive schedule of monthly classes. Or, pass by for a few one-on-one coaching with their attentive fitness coaches, or just fly solo as you work the circuit on their leading-edge cardio instrumentation, and weight-lifting apparatuses. we can’t wait to come back back and try the colorful kettle-bells!

Want to create a modification for the better when it comes to your health and fitness? Look no further than Powerhouse. With consultation-based, tailored individual, couples, and ladies-only membership packages, finding AN possibility that works for you is that the next step towards a new body transformation for you.

PowerHouse Gym & Fitness Center

Second Floor, Tawar Mall,

Al Markhiya Street, Doha, Qatar

P .O. BOX: 314