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Best Personal Trainer in Qatar

After over 12 years of fitness expertise, I felt the need to share my data with individuals and to become a personal Trainer. Being healthy and fit has continually been necessary to me. I wished to share experiences with others and inspire people to become healthier with their nutrition and fitness. i will be able to place all my resources and dedication into creating you an improved version of yourself!

I am a certified Fitness Trainer certified by the International Sports Science Association, the world leader in fitness certification. i’m confident in having the ability to deliver top quality trainings and therefore the latest fitness techniques to assist you reach your goals.                 

I am primarily based in Doha, Qatar and that i will give you with wonderful fitness coaching services in English and in French

Personal training could be a lifestyle modification-personal trainer in qatar

Personal training involves finding the need and commitment to create an entire life-style change and to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. It involves changing your frame of mind and outlook on your life-style. this will involve changing your eating habits, increasing your physical activity levels and perhaps even changing your day to day routine.

A great way to begin involves adding physical activity into your life-style – taking the steps instead of the lift, getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier or walking / sport to figure will place you one step closer to achieving your weight loss or fitness goals. Reaching your goals can involve creating positive changes and taking small steps within the right direction to adopt a healthy life-style. 

A complete Personal coaching package

I offer a complete personal coaching package to allow you to achieve your final goal of health and welfare. All sessions are planned carefully and no session is ever a similar, as i will be able to provide you with a spread of exercises while using a big selection of kit. i’m extremely qualified and that i specialize in a good range of disciplines.

I have worked internationally with status clients, celebrities and other people within the limelight, guaranteeing their discretion and desires are treated consequently without moving the overall goals.

Sessions may be booked in blocks that suit the client and frequently take place at our useful fitness center —  Powerhouse Gym