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Upgrade Your Fitness Journey with A Personal Trainer

It happens to everyone. You wake up every morning motivated to drop by the gym, but then you hit the snooze button instead.  All these tempting gym ads and irresistible gym packages are not encouraging you enough to put your activewear on, right? Don’t worry, all you need is one of our top-notch personal trainers at PowerHouse Gym!

Why do you need a personal trainer?

Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean that only new gym-goers should hire a personal trainer. In fact, even fitness freaks might require a certified personal trainer to ramp up their workout routine. And before you start to raise your eyebrows, here is why hiring a personal trainer is a must!

  1. Your accountability will increase

How many times have you decided not to show up at the gym just because you are too tired or not in the mood? This happens a lot only because you don’t have anyone waiting for you at the gym, and motivating you to work out consistently. That’s why our personal trainers at PowerHouse Gym will make sure that you are dedicated and will abide by your fitness goals.

  1. You will get the hang of your body, fitness, and health

Since our certified personal trainers are experts in the field, they will not only help you sweat but also gain knowledge about the exercises that target each muscle, how to choose the right exercise for your body, how to perform a certain workout with a proper form, how each machine works, what equipment to avoid, and many more. They will also help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

  1. You will enjoy injury-free workouts

Say goodbye to a sprained ankle, wrist dislocation, shoulder injury, and burnout!! Our personal trainers will help you perfect the form to avoid injury and ensure that you are performing each exercise correctly. Moreover, they know when to give your muscles some rest to avoid overtraining.

  1. You will receive a personalized plan and realistic goals

What works like a charm on your gym buddy, might not necessarily work for you! Hence, our personal trainer will give you an individualized plan that suits your body, and health. But that is not all! The personal trainer will help you set realistic and achievable goals to keep you going and guide you along the way to reach them. Bear in mind that everything is attainable, but good things take time!

  1. You will have a flexible workout

The best part about hiring a personal trainer is that he/she will work according to your busy schedule! You will choose the days that work best for you, and our personal trainers are always ready to serve you.

  1. Your confidence will skyrocket

We all need a pat on the back, and this is exactly what you will get from our personal trainers! You will be motivated and challenged to unleash your inner power. And just when you think that you are about to give up, your personal trainer will push you to keep going. Moreover, the fact that you will learn how to perform your exercises properly and with the right form is enough to make your confidence skyrocket!

Who needs a personal trainer?

Now you are probably baffled, and not sure whether you need a personal trainer or not. Let us make things easier on you; if you are a new beginner and have no idea where to start, or even an avid gym-goer and would like to push yourself further, consider hiring a personal trainer. Moreover, if you are suffering from a chronic illness such as arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes, or recovering from an injury or stroke, hiring a personal trainer is a must. In addition, pregnant women and those who want to exercise post-natal should definitely hire a personal trainer. Furthermore, you will surely need a personal trainer if you are training for a sport or event.  To add more, not seeing results, or lacking motivation are enough to make you hire a personal trainer!

Here at PowerHouse Gym, our certified personal trainers are like no other! They are ready to help you anytime, and regardless of your case, goals, and fitness level. Moreover, your options are not limited! You can either choose the individual package, duo package, or group package which includes 4-5 people training together. Hence, upgrade your fitness journey, and book your one-hour personal training sessions at PowerHouse Gym now!

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Staying Fit While Baby Is on Board

Pregnant? Congratulations!! We bet that you are dealing now with backaches, swollen ankles, insomnia, and mood swings, and you’ve been told by your mom or in-law not to lift a finger throughout your pregnancy; right? However, what if we tell you that PowerHouse Gym can give you the ideal solution for a smooth pregnancy, and being a ”Couch Potato” is not one of them?

Working out during pregnancy is still considered a big “No” for most moms-to-be as they believe that it leads to miscarriage, low birth weight, or early delivery. Little do they know that exercising while pregnant has endless benefits and some of which include:

  • Strengthens the muscles and joints to help you tolerate the extra weight
  • Eases back pains and bloating
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces constipation
  • Ensures healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Decreases the risk of pregnancy complications, such as cesarean birth, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia
  • Helps you with postpartum weight loss
  • Shortens labor
  • Promotes sleep
  • Boosts mood

It is safe BUT


Before putting on your fitness gear and hitting the gym, make sure to take the green light from your maternity team first as women with pregnancy complications are not allowed to break a sweat! In other terms, if you are dealing with severe anemia, lung or heart diseases, cerclage, preterm labor, ruptured membranes, preeclampsia, placenta previa after the second trimester, or carrying twins or triplets and at risk of preterm labor, working out may not be safe for you and your baby.

However, even after taking the approval, you will surely be advised to take it easy on yourself. Lying flat on your back and standing still for long periods are not recommended as this will decrease your blood pressure and restrict circulation. Moreover, drinking plenty of water is a must! drink before, after, and during workouts to avoid dehydration. In addition, you will be asked to stay away from contact sports such as kickboxing, squash, or judo, and anything that might put you and your baby at risk.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy workouts and fitness tips since our certified personal trainers will help you start your fitness journey on the right foot.

Pregnancy workouts

Whether you are an avid gym-goer or working out for the first time, our personal trainers will tell you what exercises to avoid during pregnancy. However, your go-to pregnancy exercises will be:

  1. Indoor cycling: great news for those who love pedaling but are finding it difficult to maintain balance during pregnancy! Join our spinning classes and pedal at your own pace.
  1. Weightlifting: this will help you build muscles and promote strong bones, but of course, you have to use light weights only.
  1. Low-impact aerobics: including walking, elliptical, stair climber, rowing machine, and treadmill. These low-impact aerobics are safe exercises during pregnancy as they are easy on your joints and will help you build flexible muscles.

Bear in mind that exercises in early pregnancy are different from the third-trimester workouts, and our personal trainers will customize your fitness plan accordingly.

Moreover, always remember to listen to your body! You aren’t supposed to be out of breath and drenched in sweat! And in case of dizziness, irritability, chest pain, or any alarming signs, consult your maternity team immediately.

Working out during pregnancy doesn’t mean that you have to train for the Olympics! Staying active for at least 30 mins per day is actually enough and will secure a healthy pregnancy and a blooming baby.

So, to all the moms-to-be out there, we are looking forward to meeting you at PowerHouse Gym.